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Weight Loss ProductsThe Truth of It All

Weight loss products has become a monstrous industry that, in the late eighties, centered its sights on the easily led and desparate solution seekers in the fitness world. Over the last 20 years there has been amazing advancements in nutrition science. Some good and some not so good.

We live in a microwave minded society of "quick, instant, and easy". Our dietary lifestyles have seen the most dramatic changes with people being on the run with work and play like never before. One detriment is the long standing tradition of sitting down for several meals per day. We have transitioned to an eat on the run crowd and require convenience in everything in everything, including food. This led to poor food choices that has created a fat society.

Now the weight loss products industry has come full circle. Eating healthy isn't always quick and easy. The mutli-billion dollar weight loss products industry would like you to think so but as you've been told before-you can't fool Mother Nature If you're one of the millions in this country who are into weight loss products such as diet pills, appetite suppressants, body fat burners, metabolism boosters, fat binders, diuretics, diet drinks, energy drinks, etc. and are routinely feasting on fast foods, you may want to reconsider this lifestyle approach. Looking at what's happening in the body relevant to weight control, health and well being we'll start at the point of origin of the natural energy production at the cell level. Food that is consumed is broken down into its nutrient base and those nutrients are utilized by the cells in producing energy for the body to run on.

The challenge we face today is that there are high toxicity levels in most all the weight loss products and fast foods on the market. The damaging energy frequencies, preservatives,and chemicals create these toxins. These toxins create a toxic "bio-film" buildup on every cell wall. This plaque-like substance causes an inefficient nutrient absorption process that often results in the body activating the hunger mechanism causing you to consume even more food to get the necessary nutrients for cellular metabolism. Do you now understand why people are gaining weight like never before and can't ever seem to get rid of it? The hunger mechanism can't shut off.

Evidence has shown that this continued hunger response often causes people to resort to junk food. When we eat junk food the toxins continue to build up around the cells walls and may lead to a lymphatic water build up around the cells. As we continue to crave more food we are in a never ending cycle that the weight loss product and junk food industries bank on. In fact, to speed up that cycle, there are addictive components in many of those products. Because there are preservatives, additives and chemicals in synthetic weight loss products, they actually contribute to this "catch-22" self-perpetuating cycle. This industry marketing campaign is surprisingly effective, wouldn't you say? Let's not overlook another weight loss methodology-diet pills.

I have never seen this approach work. I remember decades ago women who had children would go to their physician for a diet pill to shed off the excess bodyfat that was acquired through pregnancy. These pills were mainly speed and elevated the metabolism via the adrenal glands. Not only are these pills dangerous, they are toxic. So you see that there are some viable solutions in the weight loss products industry but rarely ever when resorting to drugs or processed and chemicalized packaged foods. So - what's the answer? The true weight loss products are natural foods and organic foods.

There are no gimmicks here. Fat burning is a nutritional biochemical function that requires feeding the body the vital nutrients is needs on a consistent basis so as to allow the body to burn body fat as well as food fuel. A readily available and convenient solution can be found in a quality all natural botanical based supplement that delivers the proper energy producing compounds that cleanses the cell walls and provides the key components of metabolic functioning.

Look to the Chinese as an example of a healthy culture built consuming natural plant based compounds that avoids toxicity challenges and delivers vital nutrients. Their day-to-day diets include such things as garlic, ginger and organic green tea (known to clean cell walls). If you consider the fact that the Chinese are known to be a natural foods culture you will realize that the Chinese herbs are considered an important component of their diet. The information is easily available to you on the internet. When it comes to your health and well being, there is no such thing as: The Quick Fix!.

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