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Strength Training Six Pack Abs

Strength Training isn't the first method that comes to mind to get ripped abs Let's face it, most people think you need to do endless amounts of crunches to get a six pack. I have news for you. Crunches aren't the way to a six pack. First of all, there is no such thing as spot reducing.

This means by working a certain area of your body you will cause it to reduce in size. This lone fact is the major problem with late night infomercials. Infomercials have you believe that strapping an electric ab stimulator or using the latest ab gadget will reduce your belly fat.

These infomercials have made literally millions and millions of dollars selling the hope of spot reduction. All that really happens is the abdominals become slightly stronger, but the thick layer of fat still hangs from the waist line and the frustration continues. A huge problem I see as I've stated already is performing endless amounts of sit - ups , but another issue that ruins their ripped abs is endless cardio. Performing endless amounts of cardio robs you of the commodity that you desperately need to attain a six pack and that's muscle. Invariably you lose weight, some fat a lot of muscle, and all you really become is a smaller version of what you were.

The same soft look, without muscle tone. If you're in search of a six pack then appearance is high on the priority list and a smaller version of what you were I know isn't going to work for you. What's the answer? Strength training.

By putting more muscle on your body you'll elevate your metabolism. An elevated metabolism burns more calories therefore more fat. Your body is genetically pre- dispositioned to burn fat in certain areas, but without muscle your body will store fat instead of burn it. You must be patient and consistent with your workouts and your body will burn your stomach fat guaranteed.

You now know how important strength training is to your quest for a six-pack. Leave the ab gadgets, potions, and pills from late night infomercials alone. Stay away from endless amounts of mind numbing cardio on a boring treadmill. Stay with strength training, and your belly fat will turn into a six pack guaranteed.

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