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Soccer Mom Suffers With Joint Ailment

A woman named Terry Lynn has felt joint discomfort now for over 10 years. Do you know someone who has joint pain or maybe even you have it. If so this article will shed some light on this pandemic problem What Is Arthritis? Arthritis means joint inflammation, but it can be used to refer to a spectrum of more than 100 rheumatic diseases that can cause stiffness, pain, and also swelling in the joints.

These diseases cannot only affect the joints, but also supporting structures such as bones, tendons, ligaments, muscles and some internal organs. Terry's arthritic pain can be classified under chronic pain because it ranges from mild to severe and can last weeks, months and years to come. The other classification of arthritis pain is under acute pain because it is temporary and lasts a few seconds or longer but slowly dissipates as healing occurs. The chronic pain that Terry endures is also a major health problem in the U.S.

Some form of arthritis affects more than 40 million Americans and also many of them have chronic pain that limits daily activity. Osteoarthritis is by far the most common form of arthritis, which affects over 20 million Americans, while rheumatoid arthritis, which affects about 2.1 million Americans, is by far the most disabling form the disease. What Causes The Pain In The Joint? Terry would talk about the pain originating form somewhere in the inside of the joint. Several different sources are what actually casues the pain of arthritis.

The first is inflammation of the synovial membrane (tissue that lines the joints), the tendons, or the ligaments, muscle strain, and fatigue. Moreover, a combination of these factors contributes to the overall intensity of the pain. Terry probably suffers from almost all of the associated inflammatory areas.

What is the degree of pain you suffer from arthritis? The pain associated with arthritis differs from person to person. There are certain factors that contribute to the pain, which includes swelling within the joints, the amount of heat or redness present and even damage that has occurred within the joint. There are also certain activities that affect pain differently like for terry just getting out of bed is bothersome and for others prolonged pain comes after prolonged use of the joint. Can Arthritis Be Treated? There happens to be a handful of organic substances that can reduce some of the symptoms of arthritis. Below are a few examples.

Boswellia Is a branching tree that after being tapped exudes a gummy resin. Boswellia acids have an anti inflammatory action. Boswellia inhibits pro inflammatory mediators in the body.

Lobelia Is a tall reed like plant that grows throughout North America. It is believed to have medicinal properties such as a pain reliever for arthritis. White Willow Bark It's a tree native to Europe and Asia. White willow bark has an active compound called salicin. Salicylic acid is an effective treatment for pain and fever. Terry Lynn is living a better life now because she has implemented a few of these all-natural substances and several others? DISCLAIMER The information provided herein should not be construed as a health-care diagnosis, treatment regimen or any other prescribed health-care advice or instruction.

The information is provided with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in the practice of medicine or any other health-care profession and does not enter into a health-care practioner/ patient relationship with its readers.

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