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San Diego Personal Training II The Sequel

No matter if you are looking to lose weight or shape up, a number of San Diego personal training programs are available to you. Consulting with a trainer is important to achieve your best results.

Many exercises for body shaping isolate one muscle group and focus on muscle building. Exercises such as dumbbell curls and leg extensions are just a couple of sample activities. In order to build stamina, youll need compound exercises such as squats, bench press and rowing actions.

These movements use a lot of muscle mass and are very effective for building muscles and strength. For power training, clean and press and snatches are activities performed to build an explosive release. These activities are some of the more dangerous activities and involve much more injuries than any other activity as they require the use heavy weight, high speeds and managing momentum.

If you are looking to train for a marathon, triathlon or simply long hikes, walks, runs, or other activity, you should speak to a trainer about a plan that includes cardio endurance. A good rule of thumb is to keep a steady pace that will allow you to maintain a conversation without having difficulty breathing. Should you find it too difficult to speak and exercise or feel dizzy in any way, youll need to decrease your pace or stop altogether to avoid injury or illness.

As a beginner, youll need to monitor your rate of perceived exertion and using a 10 based scale gives you a metric to express your comfort level and what pace you need to maintain. It is always recommended that you speak with your doctor before starting an exercise regimen in the event that you may have an underlying health problem that might be irritated by vigorous exercise.

For most folks starting out either with no recent exercise plan or have not performed a regimented workout, interval workouts are a great idea.

Although short in duration, say 20 to 25 minutes, these plans alternate higher and lower intensity exercise to get the heart rate going with high intensity activity followed by lower intensity exercises in order to allow you to build endurance and burn calories. Using a machine such as a treadmill can assist in this as most machines have programs built in that increase and decrease speed and incline.

Another compromise would be a low impact cardio blast which is ideal for intermediate skilled enthusiasts. This type of workout is tough on the heart but very easy on the joints which is perfect for those overweight. Using circuit styled training, these plans take you through a series of cardio exercises with no break between exercises. Simply switch machines or motions and keep moving on to keep the heart rate going while challenging the body.


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