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Both my grandfather and my father-in-law are suffering from lung cancer. Since two valuable members of our family have the disease we decided to find articles on lung cancer to help us understand the condition better. One of the best resources for finding information about health issues is Web MD. This site offers tons of articles on lung cancer.

Three of these articles on lung cancer were extremely helpful to our family in dealing with the respiratory disease. These three pieces of journalism involve typical questions and concerns that many people face when discovering that they have this frightening disease. Web MD has many more articles about cancer as well but the five I discuss here were outstanding. The first of the articles on lung cancer that we came across on Web MD was about dealing with the side effects of chemo therapy. One of our biggest concerns for our family members is their reaction to the powerful treatment for cancer that has such difficult effects on the body.

My grandfather complains that the treatment is worse than the disease. The information we discovered through the essay was extremely helpful in helping us understand and deal with the harsh side effects of chemo therapy. This was one of the most important articles on lung cancer we found. Another great piece involved 10 questions that every patient who has the condition should ask his doctor.

When you read articles on lung cancer you realize that you overlook so many questions when you visit your physician. This piece really helped us organize a list of concerns and inquiries for the doctors. After reading the two articles on lung cancer we decided to do a little more research into the topic to see if there were cutting-edge treatments for the respiratory disease that afflicts so many individuals.

We found an article about radiofrequency ablation or RFA. This treatment for cancer uses heat to treat early tumors. The combined therapy essay provided us great information for this cutting edge treatment for cancer. The RFA approach uses heat to destroy tumors but they do have to be in the early stages of the condition for it to work effectively. Radiofrequency ablation is also used in combination with chemo therapy, not as an independent treatment.

The three articles on lung cancer that we found on Web MD were very useful in helping us gain an understanding of what to do for severe side effects of chemo therapy. We found a list of questions to ask the doctors and we discovered new combined therapy that is used to treat the disease. There is so much more to learn.

Fortunately, Web MD has many more articles on lung cancer for us to study.

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