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Choose Your Anti Aging Skin Care Product with Care

Visit your drugstore, your department store, or go online, and you'll see one anti aging skin care product after another. Manufacturers of these products are well aware that people will spend fantastic amounts of money if they think they can reverse the aging process and look young again - or at least, better than they do now. Cosmetic surgery has become an enormous industry. Literally billions of dollars every year are spent on reconstructive surgery, Botox injections, and other procedures to change the way people look.

Don't think the market for the perfect anti aging skin care product is any different! Both women and men spend hundreds of millions of dollars yearly on anti aging skin care treatment in the quest for the appearance of eternal youth. The trouble is that many of these highly-advertised anti aging skin care products don't really work. Some of them may be developed by less-than-scrupulous companies.

Others come from reputable beauty-product makers. These companies have added various elements to their creams and serums to create what they advertise as the newest anti aging skin care treatment. Choosing the Right Anti Aging Skin Care Product Don't be discouraged: there are some excellent anti aging skin care products available, too. Here are a few pointers: 1. Steer clear of products containing fragrance. Suppose your anti aging skin care treatment has added fragrance; you put the cream on your face, and you can smell the pleasant fragrance.

However, be aware that some fragrances contain chemicals that are toxic. Your skin is porous, so when you apply an anti aging skin care treatment to your face (and perhaps your body as well), these toxins enter your bloodstream through your skin. If you like using fragrances, use perfume, cologne, or a body spray. Just a few short sprays of these will give you an aura of fragrance that will last for several hours. In contrast, when you massage an anti aging skin care product into the skin of your face and your body, the surface area involved is large. You invite the possibility of long-term damage from toxic chemicals.

2. Don't buy an anti aging skin care treatment whose label says it contains collagen. It is probable that the manufacturer is willing to take advantage of the general public's lack of knowledge. Many of us realize - because we have been told by countless advertisers - that the main reason older skin wrinkles and sags is because our bodies no longer produce as much collagen. The natural collagen in our bodies provides the skin with durability, strength, and elasticity: so it sounds quite reasonable that if your body is producing less collagen as you age, you can apply an anti aging skin care product containing collagen, and bring your skin back to its youthful condition. That's not going to happen.

The molecules of collagen are far too large to diffuse through the skin. Topical application of collagen is useless, and expensive. The only way to increase your body's collagen is to find an anti aging skin care product whose ingredients have been proven to stimulate the body's production of new collagen! Beware of the Hype Let's talk about the reason some of these creams containing collagen are both ineffective and enormously expensive. Marketing is everything when you're selling a product. Manufacturers often spent most of their total budget in marketing their anti aging skin care treatment, rather than on actually making the best product possible. They realize that putting the cream in a lovely glass jar, or packaging the tube in especially fancy wrapping and boxing, will encourage consumers to buy it.

Manufactures understand that spending huge amounts of money for full-page ads in beauty and fashion magazines, or placing ads on television, will encourage people to buy it. And they know that customers will buy it if they pay a well-known screen celebrity, athlete, or model to promote the product. Do you suppose a celebrity has agreed to act as spokesperson for this product without being paid for their time? You can bet they are getting several MILLION dollars for their trouble. If the manufacturer has to make this kind of cash outlay to each spokesperson, and pay royalties as well, they will have to increase their products' prices to compensate. In the end, the consumer is paying for these endorsements.

For this reason, I firmly believe that when you are looking for the best anti aging skin care treatment - or, in fact, any "vanity product" - your best and most economical source will be the smaller, little-known companies. They are able to put their resources into developing and making a better anti aging skin care treatment that actually does what it promises to do, and keep their product costs lower at the same time, because millions of their dollars do not have to go to celebrity payments for product endorsements! I am a researcher, whose job is to find top-quality products manufactured and offered by such smaller companies. My best advice to you is to find an anti aging skin care product whose ingredients have been clinically proven to stimulate production of collagen by your very own body. Your skin will show the benefits of using such an anti aging skin care treatment, and your budget won't be broken by celebrity payments in your search for younger, fresher skin!.

Your skin is not exactly like anyone else's skin. Visit Heavenly-Skin.com now to find out how to select the anti aging skin care product that will make your skin its most beautiful.

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