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All You Need to Know About Mobile Fluoroscopy

A mobile fluoroscopy machine refers to equipment that is used with great frequency in the medical field. A mobile fluoroscope is also commonly referred to as a C-Arm or x-ray imagine intensifier. These machines are used to project a live feed on a screen by using x-ray images.

There are two basic ways that a fluoroscope can be used: as mobile equipment used commonly in theatres for lectures, or as a fixed piece of machinery that is kept in one particular screening room of a hospital or medical center.

Mobile fluoroscopes are smaller than their fixed counterpart so that they can easily be transported to many different locations.

As technology continues to grow, mobile fluoroscopy continues to improve and become more and more powerful.

Mobile fluoroscopes are typically used in hospitals for neurological imaging in theatre, endovascular imaging in theatre, therapeutic procedures in theatre, and orthopedic imaging in theatre.

Fixed fluoroscopes are used in most hospitals for many different applications and procedures. Some common situations that might require the use of fixed fluoroscopy are fertility studies, therapeutic studies, endoscopy studies, barium studies, cardiac studies, and angiography studies.

While all of this information proves fluoroscopys benefits for the medical field, its equally important to realize how desirable fluoroscopes are to the patients themselves.

Fluoroscopes are very accurate in their readings and also decrease the amount of discomfort that the patient feels during and after a procedure. Using fluoroscopy during various surgical or non-surgical procedures helps to minimize invasiveness.

The use of fluoroscopes has also shown to lead to more cost-effective outpatient care programs in the medical field. Increased cost-effectiveness is just one of the reasons that fluoroscopes are such desired machines in the health and medical fields.

The versatility of fluoroscopes acts as an extreme attractant in the medical field. This one piece of equipment is frequently used during orthopedic, spinal and general surgeries as well as vascular, neurovascular, urological, and cardiac applications. Its versatility is just one more reason that fluoroscopes are being used in the majority of hospitals.

Physicians undoubtedly appreciate the precise and fast information that these pieces of equipment are able to report, while x-ray lab technicians enjoy the simplicity of the machinery and the extensive information that is given.

Since the invention of the fluoroscope in 1955, the technology has continued to grow and improve. The wide variety of benefits that fluoroscopy provides to hospitals speak for themselves: this technology has greatly improved the medical field.


About the Author (text)Wendy Moyer is an independent journalist. Ziehm Imaging offers a wide variety of mobile fluoroscopy machines to the medical field. Have a look at the Ziehm Imaging website for further information (http://www.ziehmimaging.net/).

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